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Gazelle St Ives
aka Diana Forrest
New work 2020/21
Harbour in Red Oil 30x30”
Wharf Road in St Ives Oil 36x26”
My practice is about painting with intuition, passion, colour, imagination and inspiration from my surroundings: St Ives is especially inspiring when the sun is rising or setting, it’s spectacular! I would best describe my work as ‘Contemporary Expressionism’ and I am inspired by Mark Rothko’s intellect and the philosophies of Plato and Nietzsche who influenced him. Eric Kandel’s work on Reductionism and Iain McGilchrist’s ideas of “The Divided Brain and The Making of The Modern World” in his book, ‘The Master and his Emissary’ have also shed light on my work. Knowing now that, just as when one sculpts a rock to find what lies beneath its surface, the same is 'so true' for the paint that speaks from the canvas. However, that is not to say that I must always work without a preconceived idea: I endeavor to do both. The most important aspect of art is the act of doing it, enjoying it and sharing it.
About me
Sold Porthmeor Beach Oil 30x40”
Mellow landscape Oil 30x40”
Reclining Oil 30x40”
On show at Penwith 22 May
Bob Devereux, poet & painter , At Norway Square , St Ives , reciting one of his poems on May 23